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Calger, Inc. was incorporated in 1986 as a vehicle for providing insurance products and unique checking account packages to credit unions. From the outset, Calger has focused on delivering excellent products while providing extraordinary customer service.

Our name has prompted questions as well as some speculation. It was created by the juxtaposition of some of the letters contained in the hometowns of the two founders: Don Davis from Calvert and Bill Yung from Ranger.

Like your credit union, Calger has grown and changed over the years. Always on the lookout for superior products, we have delivered some exceptional ones to our customers. We know that a plethora of companies are vying for your attention. That is why we offer only well-researched products and services that our customers value and appreciate. Because of the complexity of our organization today, the umbrella name of The Calger Companies is commonly used by the various branches of our business.

Throughout our evolution, Calger has maintained a laudable dedication to customer service. Calger does not long suffer entities that fail to meet our high standards. From top to bottom, our organization is committed to adhering to the highest moral and ethical standards in the marketplace while serving institutions of all sizes.